Living a Minimal life

Dose anyone know what minimal really is? It is a kind of living with just less thing in life. I’ve been living like that for a long time. I spend money less on clothes, accessory, and gadget. I only buy the things that I really need which could be use for a decade.
I live a minimal life with small amount of clothes. I don’t buy a car because public transportation is not that bad. I still live in the same old house even though the new one will be more comfortable. But that’s gonna come up with a huge debt, and that means I will not have a financial freedom for a long time.
Less clothes, less stuff, less spending make life happier.

How to live a minimal life

1.Buy only important thing

You can just buy something that you really need or what you can’t live without like one quality laptop, notebook or reasonable price of a smartphone

2.Buying clothes with simple and plain design

It can be a classic color like black, grey or white, and a simple pattern like polka dot or stripe so that you can wear it often. Plus, they are always in style and classy.

3.Eating lean

If you can eat clean or lean food that would be something that goes minimal too because most of the cooking process is steam and less ingredient. if you can have some raw food like fruit or vegetable that would be awesome.

4.Do a little make up

I always use only powder, concealer, eyebrow and lip tint. By this makeup you can also get a natural look and save the world.

5.Get a small bag and a little stuff

When you go outside you actually survive with only a purse and a phone. Then why you have to put everything in your big bag and carry it around with 80% of the thing that you don’t really need.

6.Renovate your house not buying a new one

Instead of buying a new house, you can just renovate your old house and make it looks more modern like painting it with white color. Then, you will get a new house with a small budget.

7.Sale all the things that you don’t need

If you have a lot of stuffs like clothes, shoes, bag etc. and you don’t even use them. You can sale it or donate to homeless or charitable organization.

8. Be conscious

Every time you want to buy a new thing, you have to be conscious and think twice. If it is something you really need.

The key of living minimal is so simple. Just use less and that’s it.